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Pasi Heinonen

is the current sled-dog European Champion in the most competitive 8-dog class.

Pasi's dogs have been fed on Frank's Pro Gold Active for five years and the results speak for themselves. Pasi has been an important partner in developing the Frank's Pro Gold Racer Line of foods as well.



Milo's Story

Milo is a six year old Patterdale terrier. He was diagnosed with epilepsy aged 4 and is prescribed KBr 325 mg and Epiphen 120 mg per day medication to try and regulate his seizures (averaging out at 2 per month, the last occasion was a cluster of three fits in one morning and prior to that 17 fits in 24 hours).

Due to his medication Milo has gradually gained weight and early this year his skin became inflamed and due to the constant scratching began to lose clumps of fur.

I was given a sample of Pro Gold and advised of the differing types that could benefit Milo's health. Firstly, I tried Pro Gold Sensitive, which was to help dogs with skin problems. This proved to be a success and several weeks later his skin had calmed down and his coat was once again growing back, but this time with a sheen to it. When Milo was once again looking tidy it was time to put him on a diet. I was then advised to change his food to Pro Gold Light, which he is still on now, and is gradually helping him to lose weight.

Apart from the visual benefits Milo has received using the Pro Gold food, the greatest breakthrough for me is that his seizures have stopped (fingers crossed) , the last being over five months ago.

- Lyndsay Rimmer

Deisel's Story

I adopted Diesel from Whippet Rescue last year, as a companion for Milly, my whippet. Both have sensitive stomachs and even though I have always fed Premium foods they suffered from frequent bouts of flatulence. I was advised to try Pro Gold Adult and I am pleased to say the results can be seen and not smelt! In the seven years I have had Milly and the year I have had Diesel they have never looked in better condition or had so much energy.
I would like to say how impressed I am and that I would not hesitate to recommend Pro Gold to any other pet owner.

- Yours sincerely, Alison Wareing


Southport & District Cats Protection

At a rescue cattery every penny counts. Frank's Pro Gold is an excellent diet which has proved to be very affordable and helps promote the health and well being of the cats.

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