Complete food for adult dogs
of all dog breeds

Frank’s Breeder Line is an ideal choice for those who want affordable quality food for professional consumption.
Frank’s Breeder is a traditional food line made of high quality raw materials with simpler processing, more economical packages and real mass production. This enables us to provide this quality food for a good price.
Frank’s Breeder Line has thus gained many committed users for instance in professional breeders. Frank’s Breeder Line foods contain all the necessary vitamins and micronutrients in balanced ratio and are highly digestible.



Frank’s Breeder Line Maintenance is a perfect choice for dogs with lower energy need and out of the working seasons. 

Available in sizes: 15 kg

Ingredients: dehydrated chicken meat, corn, barley, rice, chicken fat, beet pulp, carob, flax seed, minerals & vitamins, lecithin.

Analysis: protein 22,0 %, fat 10,0 %, fiber 3,0 %, ash 5,5 %, moisture 9,0 %, calcium 1,25 %, phosphor 0,9 %.




NORMAL 25/15

Frank’s Breeder Line Normal is developed to meet the energy needs of normal activity level dogs. 

Available in sizes: 15 kg

Ingredients: dehydrated chicken meat (42 %), corn, rice, beet pulp, dehydrated fish, carob, flax seed, chicken fat, hydrolysed chicken meat, minerals & vitamins, yeast, lecithin.
Analysis: protein 25,0 %, fat 15,0 %, fiber 2,5 %, ash 7,0 %, moisture 9,0 %, calcium 1,2 %, phosphor 1,0 %.



POWER 30/20

Frank’s Breeder Line Power is “a musher’s choice” - developed for hard working dogs with heavy energy needs.  

Available in sizes: 15 kg

Ingredients: dehydrated chicken meat (52 %), corn, rice, barley, chicken fat, beet pulp, minerals & vitamins, carob, flax seed, hydrolysed chicken meat, lecithin, yeast.

Analysis: protein 30,0 %, fat 20 %, fiber 2,5 %, ash 6,0 %, moisture 9,0 %, calcium 1,4 %, phosphor 1,0 %.



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