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Frank's Pro Gold

The highest standard in

Natural cat food

Life cycle


Frank’s Pro Gold complete cat food series satisfies even the most exacting cats!


Cats are often demanding in their choice of food, and we have done our best to offer only the perfect quality for all kinds of feline needs. Frank’s Pro Gold complete cat food series consists of six delicious recipes for different nutritional needs and all stages of a cat’s life. Our series has specially designed recepies for growing kittens, adult cats and senior cats. We have developed special foods for cats with a tendency for weight-gain as well as indoor cats and cats suffering from food intolerances.

When developing Frank’s Pro Gold cat foods premium quality was the most critical factor. This is why high-quality chicken and rice were chosen as the primary ingredients. The products don’t contain any ingredients with poor nutritional value, such as meat by-products (beaks, feet, feathers).

Premium quality ingredients and carefully balanced ratios of necessary micronutrients guarantee both tastiness and perfect nutritional values. A combination of fats, fish oil and lecithin provides an optimal ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to promote a healthy skin and coat. Taurine, which is an amino acid essential for cats, has been added as it is vital for cat’s metabolism and enhances the functioning of the heart muscle, reproduction ability and has a strengthening effect on the retina in the eyes.

There are two convenient sizes available: the 3 kg bags and the economical 7,5 kg bag. The feeding tests indicate that Frank’s Pro Gold Premium cat food products ensure balanced and complete nutrition for your cat, resulting in a healthy and active life from the time he is a kitten to his senior years.

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