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Frank's Pro Gold

Natural dog food

The well being and health of your dog are very important. A good healthy diet will contribute to this. Frank's Pro Gold provides your dog with all the nutritional needs. 


Our Frank's Pro Gold range of natural dog food consist out of 14 different recipes and our frank's Breeder product line consist out of 3 different recipes. We carefully selected high quality meat and fish as a first ingredient for our food, this combined with rice as a carbohydrate source. Franks Pro Gold is a complete diet suitable for every dog. 

The recipes of Frank's Pro Gold contain extra additives for the support of the joints, support of the digestive system and for a healthy skin and coat condition. 

We offer the best nutritional values, the most advanced process of manufacture, and first quality natural ingredients to make sure our most important customers, the dogs eating Frank’sPro Gold, are fully satisfied with our food. 

Our processing, transporting and storing systems are highly controlled. We follow the GMP+ standard as well as HACCP standard in addition to holding the IFS recognition. These standards confirm traceability of all the raw materials, hygiene in storage and good production processes. 

Considering everything Frank’s Pro Gold is simply the best choice for the dog, it’s owner and all the way to the distributors of our family. 

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